5 Linux Distros That Look Like macOS

Alternatives to macOS

Linux distribution, also known as distro in short. It is an operating system that is built using the Linux kernel. You can picture it as having a desktop environment that can be installed in any computer terminal. If you think about it, most operating systems like Windows and Mac are licensed while Linux is free …

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Phoenix OS Vs Prime OS: What’s The Best Operating System?

Phoenix OS was developed by Beijing Chaozuo Technology, a software technology company, formerly known as the Window of the World Browser team. The company aims to develop software in the Android ecosystem including other operating systems, auxiliary products, and client tools in the field of Androids. Phoenix OS is a new operating system based on …

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The Intermediate Guide To Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS

If you ever wanted to build an android operating system in your computer – fortunately now you can! Thanks to Phoenix OS. Typically, you would want to do this if you wanted to run a bunch of mainstream android applications on your PC. A lot of people think that this is actually an emulator, but …

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