Etcher Installation Guide

Nowadays, it’s been very common for people to carry at least one USB flash drive anywhere they go. Knowing how powerful a little stick could do, you surely would be in a habit of doing so yourself. Etcher or also known as Balena Etcher is free to use, and an open-source (meaning to say that the original source code is available for everyone to redistribute and modify) used for writing files on your storage devices such USB flash drives and the like.

Etcher was developed by Balena, hence the Balena Etcher, and it was built using the Electron framework. The good news is that it does work with your current operating system may it be Windows, macOS, and Linux so this does make everybody pretty happy. After downloading Etcher, go ahead and run it.

How to Install It

For us to install Etcher, we can go to and download it. As mentioned before, everybody’s pretty happy so you can download Etcher for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Just click on the arrow at the right side of the download button to choose which Etcher would you like to download.

Some Explanation About the UI

The user interface is simple and straight-forward. What I love about Etcher is that it has definitely eliminated the unnecessary. You only need to do three things: select the image file, select the drive, then hit flash!

How to Use It (Features)

If you are ever wondering what Etcher can do in your life, they live by their saying “A better way to burn”. The key features of Etcher are:

  1. Validated Flashing – ever had an instance where your device is not booting? Did you even know if your device was corrupted? This is where Etcher stands out because of their validated flashing feature. This means that it double-checks the files after writing or burning it on your device, making sure that you are not wasting your time and effort writing on a corrupted device.
  2. Hard Drive Friendly – knowing the beautiful user interface, this helps the users from overwriting a hard drive. As I have told you earlier, the user interface is simple and straight-forward where you select the drive. And the drive picker of Etcher is designed in a way that we do not accidentally overwrite a hard drive (which is something that you would not want to happen either!).
  3.   Beautiful Interface – I think this is something that you have to see for yourself!
  4. Open Source – As per balena Etcher, Etcher is made with JS, HTML, node.js, and Electron which makes it freely available for everyone to contribute and make it better.
  5. Cross Platform – I think I have been stressing this over and over again about how it can work for everyone! Say goodbye to complicated installation process!
  6. Flash! – it is said to have 50% faster flashes and can write across multiple drives simultaneously.

With all these lovely features of Etcher, you would definitely have a hassle-free process of burning on your device; plus, with the insane speed as it claims, you get to be more productive doing more things with lesser time and effort which is equal to effectivity and efficiency.

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