Cool Things Etcher Can Do


Installing operating systems from CDs and DVDs is a thing of the past now – some Linux distros can’t be booted from CDs, and many middle-aged to new laptops (and even desktop computers!) simply do not have the CD ROM drive anymore, as it makes the device chunkier and heavier, and also because very little …

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Top 5 Best Etcher Alternatives

Etcher Alternatives

Bootable USB software became a staple of any operating system installation or backup process since burning them onto a CD or DVD required money to be spent on the CD or DVD that can’t be used for anything else afterward; moreover, discs are at bigger risk of physical damage, such as scratching, bending and even …

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Etcher vs UNetbootin Comparison


We all know it’s not only Etcher that’s available out there. There are definitely tons to choose from and one of these is UNetbootin. So, what is UNetbootin? UNetbootin is also a software used to write files on a device. It can create bootable USB flash drives without having to burn CDs just like the …

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Etcher Installation Guide

Etcher Installation

Nowadays, it’s been very common for people to carry at least one USB flash drive anywhere they go. Knowing how powerful a little stick could do, you surely would be in a habit of doing so yourself. Etcher or also known as Balena Etcher is free to use, and an open-source (meaning to say that …

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