Phoenix OS Vs Prime OS: What’s The Best Operating System?

Phoenix OS was developed by Beijing Chaozuo Technology, a software technology company, formerly known as the Window of the World Browser team. The company aims to develop software in the Android ecosystem including other operating systems, auxiliary products, and client tools in the field of Androids.

Phoenix OS is a new operating system based on Android 7.1 that works on smart tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and other large-screen devices that provides perfect support and compatibility to any Android games. It has great features and functions and supports millions of mainstream Android applications. If compared with other Android systems, Phoenix is better in supporting multiple windows operation and enables the switching of applications that increases users productivity. Phoenix operating system enables Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + A and other classic keyboard shortcuts. Applications can also be run in a window, minimized into a taskbar and window size changes.

It also supports LAN access, global search, mouse operation, window dragging, and classified file management which are familiar operations that are simple and easy. The safety center is also integrated up into the system level and will intelligently allocate the system resources and thoroughly clean the background process to avoid frequent application crashing and disturbances. In addition, it is also suitable for mobile game enthusiasts since it brings mobile games into a larger screen for a better gaming environment. Thus, it can be used in any environment — office, education, home, and others.

In order to successfully install the Phoenix OS, these core requirements must be met first;

  • Intel or AMD processor made around 2012 or later, preferably an Intel Atom processor
  • USB drive with at least 16 GB of storage (for Phoenix OS and GParted)
  • Win32 Disk Imager to prepare the USB flash drive

When all those requirements were met, Phoenix OS is readily downloadable on their official website, visit the website if interested and click the download button and you can now have the file for the installation process.

Since Phoenix OS is flexible with any working environment, it does not just deliver high quality works to a lot of mobile gamers but also to working people. Phoenix OS is beneficial to people busy at work since it comes with Microsoft Office Suite for free, apps such as WPS, and Evernote that lets users write documents, send emails and take notes whenever and wherever they go.

Prime OS is a type of operating system that gives a desktop experience similar to Windows or macOS that allows access to millions of available Android apps. It’s a port based on the Android -X86 project. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit machines and transforms old computers into an Android device. The Prime Os is equipped with a key mapping tool for keyboard and mouse combo usage.

Due to its real-time key-mapper, users can now have a better experience playing the android game on any computer better than an emulator and be the most refutable mobile game player ever. In addition to an enjoyable experience, this OS has DecaPro that offers better gameplay with keyboard and mouse audio sounds and aide users in playing mobile shooting games comfortably. Prime OS can be installed autonomously without another operating system and allows to execute Google Play applications such as Youtube and powerful games such as PUBG.

In order to successfully install the Phoenix OS, these core requirements must be met first;

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There are two possible ways for the installation process; through the installer (UEFI 64-bit only) and through USB stick/ Flash Drive.

For the overall interface of Prime OS, it offers a nice and clean desktop operating system with a touch of Android setting. It offers a wide array of options including a  regular taskbar, resizable application, multi-window for start menu-like launcher and others. Browsing experience with Chrome or Youtube is fast due to its hardware acceleration for rendering contents. For hardcore gamers, it’s also one of the options since Google Play performs very well with it and allows the installation of PUBG without any problems.

In comparison, both offer the fusion of two worlds; mobile and PC. Users could now enjoy mobile games on a much wider and larger screen through the help of these developed operating systems; Phoenix and Prime. In both operating systems, the keyboard mapping tool is also available which greatly supports users during gameplay.

In spite of their undeniable connection with each other, Phoenix, on the other hand, supports a wide array of functions such as common keyboard shortcuts, free MS Office, WPS, Evernote, LAN access, and multiple window functions. Phoenix is better in supporting multiple windows operation and enables the switching of applications that increases users productivity. Phoenix OS offers a flexible working environment, for the delight of any user. It also has a safety center integrated up into the system level that thoroughly cleans the background process to avoid frequent application crashing.  In contrast, Prime OS handles huge applications like PUBG and Youtube very well which is a kind of advantage to users who are really into videos and gaming careers. Moreover, Prime OS offers a nice and clean desktop operating system.

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