A Quick Overview Of Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS, is a new operating system designed to make all software developers and computer scientists by profession, alleviate daily life work in front of computers– their most powerful tool to discover and create in this still-growing digital era. The developer of this new operating system is System76, an American based company that specializes in providing high-performing laptops, desktops, and notebooks that is perfect for Linux operating systems to function.

Pop!_OS performs on two graphic cards in the same computer (Hybrid graphics). It has CPU Power Manager Extension that controls hybrid graphics switching and changes various power envelopes. For the gaming enthusiasts, with Pop!_ OS, third party software sources are eliminated for Steam. A 64-bit Vulkan which contains libraries are installed by default to reduce friction for open source drivers.

Prepare Your Computer To Install Pop!_OS

To successfully install the Pop!_OS, these core requirements must be met first;

  • RAM: 2GB minimum / 4GB recommended. 
  • Storage: 16GB minimum / 20GB recommended. 
  • 64-bit processor

When all those requirements were met, Pop!_OS is readily downloadable on the System76 website, just click the download button and everything would be fine. There are two versions offered by System76 to its users: the Intel/AMD drivers and Nvidia. Don’t panic because both work flawlessly when all the core requirements are already met. The installing process is relatively easy, doesn’t have any tedious options to settle first, and lastly, user-friendly with just a few clicks on the way. If you are installing Pop!_OS alongside Windows, you can use Etcher to install Windows 7.

When it comes to the user interface, Pop!_OS uses Roboto Slab and Fira fonts, its own desktop Pop GTK theme, and icon pack. The fonts are already familiar to users; the former belongs to the Roboto family while the latter was originally developed in 2013 for Firefox OS. The theme and icons are just based on other projects, however, the team from System76 has given it a new identity by adding new characters. The entire user interface utilizes a minimal look to give a modern kind of vibe. The activity bar doesn’t automatically show the open applications on the desktop, no dock, and system tray is very minimal. It’s polished and sleek and doesn’t look like a mess when users start working. 

System67 adheres to its goal of providing users not just the easiest tool but also the best tool in the market. It is less hassle to install, clean and usable, which enables users to be productive in their work especially on new users who are not accustomed to this kind of environment. Also, System67 enables hard disk encryption together with the Pop!_OS while making the installation process go smoothly. It is very beneficial to developers who constantly travel, lowering the damage caused by misplaced and mishandled laptops.

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